Pastor Sam & Briana

Lead Pastors 

ph. (713) 462-3555


Sam and Briana love leading people to Jesus. They are incredible leaders who thrive when spending time helping people find a deeper connection to Jesus. They have four kids to keep them moving: Kinsley (13), Nathan (10), Isaac (7), Maegan (5). The Reynolds family likes movies nights, being outdoors when it's not crazy hot and connecting with neighbors in their neighborhood.  

Pastor Brandon & NatAlie Dague

Associate & Student Pastors 

ph. (713) 462-3555


Brandon and Natalie love Jesus and serve the body of Christ in so many ways. They are excited to connect with your students. They've got two incredible students of their own, Mikaela (14), Leah (9) and know the pressures of raising them in the world we live in. Brandon loves playing video games and is an accomplished maker of fried macaroni and cheese. Natalie is the sweetest person you'll ever meet and the Dauge family are Astro fans through and through. 

Pastor Vanessa & Brice Gildersleeve

Kids Pastors

ph. (713) 462-3555

Vanessa & Brice are incredibly genuine. When it comes to Kids Church, Pastor Vanessa and her team are creative. They spend time getting to know each child and give a level of care that makes a difference. The Gildersleeve family loves Galveston and the Houston area. Their daughter Riley (12) is pretty much the life of the party. 

Pastor Greg & Rebecca Caylor

Worship Pastors 

ph. (713) 462-3555

Pastor Greg and Rebecca are not only talented and gifted with music; but they love Jesus with everything. Their passion level to lead others to God's presence is matched by their desire to experience Gods presence for themselves. They have raised two incredible daughters to adulthood that serve on the worship team and other areas at Glad Tidings. Greg and Rebecca love to travel when they aren't spoiling and loving their grandkids. They also enjoy Friday night ice cream cones from Dairy Queen just about every week.